There are seven (7) statements you must agree to when applying for a California CCW through Solano County.
Agreement Statement 1 of 7
If applying for a NEW Concealed Carry Weapon license, a non-refundable application fee of $126.87 (123.00 plus 3.87 convenience fee) is required to secure an interview appointment. Also, prior to issuance of a Concealed Carry Weapon license, an 8-hour firearms training course must be completed. If applying for a RENEWAL Concealed Carry Weapon license, prior to issuance, completion of a 4-hour firearms training course is required. If applying for a firearms MODIFICATION, a scanned copy of the qualifications certificate is required.
Agreement Statement 2 of 7
The licensee accepts and assumes all responsibility and liability for, injury to, or death of any person, or damage to any property which may result through an act or omission of either the licensee or the agency that issued the license. In the event any claim, suit or action is brought against the agency that issued the license, its chief officer or any of its employees, by reason of, or in connection with any such act or omission, the licensee shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the agency that issued the license, its chief officer or any of its employees from such claim, suit, or action.
Agreement Statement 3 of 7
I understand that the acceptance of any application by the licensing authority does not guarantee the issuance of a license and that fees and costs are not refundable if denied. I further understand that if my application is approved and I am issued a license to carry a concealed weapon, that the license is subject to restrictions placed upon it and that misuse of the license will cause an automatic revocation and possible arrest and that the license may also be suspended or revoked at the discretion of the licensing authority at any time. I am aware that any use of a firearm may bring criminal action or civil liability against me.
Agreement Statement 4 of 7
I have read, understand, and agree to the Concealed Carry Weapon license liability clauses, conditions, and restrictions stated in this application and Agreement to Restrictions and to Hold Harmless
Agreement Statement 5 of 7
I have read and understand the applicable Penal Code sections regarding false statements on a CCW Application, manslaughter, killing in defense of self or property, limitation on self-defense and defense of property, and child access and firearm storage, stated in this application
Agreement Statement 6 of 7
I have read and understand the Firearms Prohibiting Categories attachment to this application. I further acknowledge that these prohibiting categories can be amended or expanded by state or federal legislative or regulatory bodies and that any such amendment or expansion may affect my eligibility to hold a CCW license
Agreement Statement 7 of 7
I hereby give permission to the agency to which this application is made to conduct a background investigation of me and to contact any person or agency who may add to or aid in this investigation. I further authorize persons, firms, agencies and institutions listed on this application to release or confirm information about me and statements I have made as contained in this application.